Modification of vehicle ownership

Did you know, driving traffic without car insurance is a punishable offense! So after buying a car, it is mandatory to insure each car. If the car is insured, the owner or even the owner of the vehicle, even a third person, gets compensated for the loss.Therefore, after buying a car, every car owner has to insure the car. Now let’s find out some important aspects of car insurance or motor insurance. In case of any loss or damage to a third party by the vehicle for any reason, the owner of the vehicle / third party is liable for the loss by way of financial assistance under the insurance company law.

Third party or third party motor Insurance is a must for all car owners. Because, if using a car in a public place causes harm to a third party person, then the owner of the vehicle is responsible. Therefore, driving a motor vehicle without motor insurance in a public place is a punishable offense. The insurance company pays the owner of the vehicle for the first party or insurance policy. Under this policy, if a car is covered by an accident, then the insurance companies are compensated for any damage to the vehicle or the owner of the vehicle.In addition to any natural disasters the vehicle is damaged, but if the first-party vehicle is damaged, the owner is compensated for the loss of the vehicle. This policy has a higher premium rate. If a car is only covered by a third party insurance policy, then the owner of the vehicle is not compensated for the loss of the vehicle if it is damaged for any reason or accident. The insurance company will only take responsibility for the loss of any third person through the vehicle.Before buying a motor insurance policy, be sure to provide a compensation insurance company with responsibility for the death or injury of your car. If someone in your car or an outsider has been injured in a road accident, check to see if the incensura company is compensating against it.

If your car does damage to someone else’s life and property in the event of an accident, know before you insure it is provided by the insurance company.Be sure to insure that the insurance company is offering an insurance policy on any condition outside the road accident for various reasons such as car theft, vandalism, fire, storm surge or natural disaster. After purchasing a car, motor insurance is very important to avoid the loss of car owners, passengers, and car accidents. So after buying a car, insure the car and ensure the safety of yourself and the car.Generally because of the price and availability of old cars, people are more interested in buying old cars. There are some legal complications when changing the ownership of a car during the sale of an old car. As a result, neither the buyer nor the seller wants to get into this legal complex. But legal registration of cars can be a lot of hassle free. Suppose the buyer kidnaps a girl with your sold-out car, and she fled the car in fear of being chased by the police. Police seized the car. When the car was registered in your name, you were in great danger. Think again that you bought the car but did not complete the registration process, but if the seller suits you for theft, then you will be in danger.

The first paper you need to buy a car is to collect the Trasfer of Ownership which you can do both at the office or online. You can download two of these forms from the BRTA website. Buyer signature must be provided on TO and buyer’s signature signature on TTO. The fee comes after the form. The fee to change the ownership of the vehicle must be submitted and the receipt copy must be submitted to the BRTA. Many of the tasks can be done at the BRTA office by submitting a fee. Once all the papers have been cleared, the fee has to be submitted.

The bank will have to collect the Blue Book copy and submit the fee and submit it along with other documents. Buyer’s Tin Certificate, National Identity Card, Current Address Phone or Verified Photocopy of Electricity Bill, etc. Without these papers, no car registration is possible.Fitness and route permits are one of the most important things in a car. And for this permit, photocopy of the original registration, digital certificate, certified copy of the new tax token, etc. are to be provided.If the buyer buys the car for personal use, then the general form and if the buyer uses the car for institutional purposes, then the official pad should be provided with a letter.

An affidavit must be submitted along with the Judicial Form or non Judicial stamp with the price, which is Rs.25. Everything must be written in English capitalization at the time of submission. Buyer’s Sample Signature and 3 copies colored stamp size picture should be provided in the specified sample signature form.Before buying a car, everything must be shown or seen, so the car must be taken to the BRTA office. After submitting the fee to the BRTA, a signature should be shown by showing the papers in Room No.7. Once these papers have to be told